Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Geography Of Lahaul Spiti


  1. Rohtang (3978m) 32°22′17″N 77°14′47″E
  2. Baralacha La (4830m) 32°44′N 77°26′E
  3. Kunzum Pass(4551m) 32.415798°N 77.648528°E
  4. Pin Parvati (5319m) 31° 50′ 37.32″ N, 77° 50′ 31.56″ E
  5. Ghunsarng (5600m)
  6. Monirang (5335m)
  7. Sara Umga (5019m)
  8. Hamta (4268m)
  9. Kugti (5040m)
  10.  Kalicho (4803m)
  11. Tarsalamu (5358m)


  1. Bara Shigri Glacier lies between 3950 m and 4570 m altitude and 11 km out of 30 kms has been surveyed and mapped.  Bara means big and Shigri meaning Glacier in Lahauli dialect and it’s the biggest glacier in Lahaul and second largest glacier in Himalayas after Gangotri. It is a good place for mountaineers and adventurous explorers. It is formed of a number of large glaciers and joins the river below.  There is another smaller glacier called Chota Shirgi which is very steep and slippery, but doesn’t reach till river bed. Location coordinates: lat. 32° 16′N., long. 77° 40′E
  2. Gangstang Glacier is situated in west Lahaul at an altitude of about 5,480 m. It drains in to Shahsha nullah which merges with Chandrabhaga river 13 km to the south.  Location coordinates: 32°37’44″N 77°3’50″E
  3. Sonapani Glacier is the longest glacier in Pir Panjal range with total length of 15 km  at an altitude of 4000 m. It is visible from Rohtang pass.  Research article on Sonapani Glacier
  4. Perad Glacier is an small and easily accessible glacier near  Puti Runi.  Location coordinates: 32° 17′ 00″ N 77° 32′ 00″ E