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Following is a list of books, scholarly papers, thesis and other articles on Lahaul Spiti. These are all sourced from different sources. Credit to the original authors and no copy right violation of any type is intended. If you believe that there is something here owned by you and needs different credit/link, let us know.  All documents are scanned using a OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and a link for PDF download of original document attached wherever possible. These OCR texts are not error corrected in anyway and don’t  contain any maps and pictures which maybe present in original PDFs.

History & Culture of Lahaul Spiti

  1. Traditional fermented foods of Lahaul and Spiti
  2. Cereal based traditional alcoholic beverages of Lahaul and Spiti
  3. Traditional Phytotherapy in Lahaul through Amchi System of Medicine
  4. Mud wall construction in Spiti Valley
  5. On the Unknown History of a Himalayan Buddhist Enclave : Spiti Valley before the 10th Century
  6. Trip through Kumawur Hungrung and Spiti in 1838 by Hutton 1840
  7. Report on the Valley of Spiti by Hay 1851
  8. On the Himalayan Valleys–Kooloo Lahoul and Spiti by Harcourt 1871
  9. Trip from Simla to Spiti Valley and Chomoriri Lake by Theobald 1863
  10. Lahaul & Spiti – The Land of Wondrous Gompas

Geology, Wildlife & Other Natural Features Of Lahaul Spiti

  1. Ecology of River Spiti
  2. Balanced conditions or slight mass gain of glaciers in the Lahaul Spiti
  3. Ethnobotanical Studies in Lahaul Spiti
  4. Cytomorphology of some grasses from Lahaul Spiti
  5. Delicious Edible Mushroom from Dry Temperate Cold Desert of Lahaul
  6. Triassic succession in Spiti valley
  7. Geology of Spiti-Kinnaur Himachal Himalaya by Bhargava 1998
  8. Study on ethnomedicinal plants of Kibber Wildlife
  9. Lahaul Spiti Ground Water Information
  10. Assessment of Lahaul-Spiti (western Himalaya, India) Glaciers
  11. Gerard’s Fossils from Spiti Valley by Blanford from 1864
  12. Fauna of Pin Valley National Park –
  13. Physical Features and Socio-cultural background of Spiti Valley –
  14. History of Lahaul
  15. Sonapani Glacier of Lahaul
  16. Status Report on Chota Shigri Glacier

Lahaul Spiti Current Affairs

  1. Inclusion of Information & Communication Technologies in digital education in Lahaul Spiti
  2. Lahaul Spiti Census 2011
  3. Himachal Pradesh Government Telephone Directory
  4. Industrial Profile Lahaul & Spiti
  5. A historical overview of education and social change in Spiti Valley in India
  6. International Conference on Spiti 2016 Booklet