Spiritual Journey in Lahaul Spiti

Lahaul Spiti Search For Spirituality Come to one of the most sought after spiritual destinations available, Lahaul- Spiti in the Himachal Pradesh. Famous for its journeys of meditation and self discovery, this region is full of monks and sages coming here since thousands of years ago, from all over, especially from Tibet. Known for its… Continue reading Spiritual Journey in Lahaul Spiti

Camping near Chandrataal Lake

Camping near Chandrataal Lake, Himachal Pradesh Chandra Taal meaning Moon lake is a crystal clear lake residing between the glorious Himalayan mountains of India. The waters of the lake are so clear that you see the bottom of the lake for quite some distance. At an altitude of 4300 meters , this lake has a circumference… Continue reading Camping near Chandrataal Lake

Lahaul Spiti Travel Itineraries

Travel Plans for Lahaul Spiti Following are some travel itineraries for Lahaul Spiti region which you can use as samples or guidelines to design your own trip. Detailed travel plans are in the links provided. If you need any help or advice, please fill up the contact form or email info @ lahaulspititravel.com Samudri Taapu… Continue reading Lahaul Spiti Travel Itineraries

Lahaul Spiti Travel

Lahaul Spiti is one of the less explored travel destinations in India. It is gaining recognition steadily due to it’s stark terrain, high mountains,  crystal clear lakes , wild rivers and remarkable local cultures. It is very sparsely populated and is the fourth least populated district in India. How To Reach Lahaul Spiti The only mode of… Continue reading Lahaul Spiti Travel